Family Law Assistance and Solutions

Family Law Legal Group provides family law assistance, and is here to help you navigate all types of family law cases. We have helped educate many people such as yourself through the process of preparing for your court date and connecting you with a professional to put you in a position of strength.

Our team believes that helping individuals understand the law and how the facts of each individual case apply to the law will help relieve the stress that comes in a family law case and obtain the best results possible. Knowing what moves to make and how to make them puts you in a position of strength!

Navigating and Supporting You


Our goal is support individuals throughout all aspects of their divorce, custody, or other family law case. Connecting with our family law team is as simple as picking up the phone. 


Our team strives to develop and update resources for all types of family law cases. Whether a divorce, child support, or custody case is ongoing, our development team will provide content that explains the laws in all 50-states.


Solutions are needed when it comes to a family law case. Our team believes that people should negotiate from a position of strength – and that involves hving a basic understanding of the law to do so. We have the solutions to win.


While no family law case is simple, our team of professionals can make it feel that way!

OUR PHILOSOPHY:  It’s not about winning; It’s about finding peace.

Providing Clients With Big Picture Perspectives

Family law involves taking personal responsibility for your actions and not being a victim to the situation.
Once custody determination is made, co-parent lives on and is forever. Ask yourself: “How is winning a case and destroying the other party involved in my family’s best interest?”
A win/loss situation creates division and destruction in the family unit.
The children’s well-being always come first. Your case should not be a tactic to get back at your ex-spouse (by using your children).
Winning means someone else loses and that is not always what is in the best interest of the children.
Family law is not about winning. It is about finding peace with your situation.
It is in the best interest of the child to have both parents involved. Keeping a child away from a parent could be very detrimental to the child.
Setting long-term, achievable, future-shaping family goals.
The actual time frame for a family law issue is much longer term than parents expect. The matter is not over until children are 18 or out of college.
Behaving in a way that is conducive to a positive co-parenting environment is always what is best for your children.


A new way of resolving family law matters by connecting people with the right help and resources.