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Joint vs Sole Custody: The Differences

Relationships are complicated, and they don’t always work out. Marriages can fall apart after twenty years of love and friendship, and the ride of a lifetime can (and often does) come to an end. While divorce rates have been on the rise for quite some time, they’ve dramatically increased as…
August 16, 2021

Common Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

You would be forgiven for wanting to rush through a divorce. No matter how amicable they might be initially, no divorce is a pleasant experience, and there will always be emotions at play. But botching the divorce process can have lasting consequences and lead to some serious financial and emotional…

What Child Custodial Rights Do Fathers Have?

Fathers generally have a harder time getting custody of their children, especially when battling for full custody. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible – and you might not want to be so quick to rule out a cooperative solution either. Before dismissing custody court, it helps to understand your child custodial…