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Divorced Fathers Rights Myths, Debunked

You may have heard various rumors about custody and visitation when it comes to divorced fathers rights. In many cases, the good news is that myths are just that: myths based on things that happened in the past or simple falsehoods that have taken hold over the years. Today, fathers…

Dealing With the Financial Impacts of Divorce

Divorce can be emotionally difficult, and it can also be financially challenging. Whether you and your ex-spouse both worked full-time or one of you worked while the other stayed home, splitting one household into two undoubtedly causes a hit to most people’s budgets. While you might have some juggling to…
February 21, 2021
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What Is Malicious Parent Syndrome?

There is no denying that a divorce or breakup often causes anger, betrayal, and sadness. In most cases, parents who are divorcing can put aside these feelings and work with their exes to meet their children's needs. In some cases, however, one parent might develop malicious parent syndrome. This is…
January 15, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Divorce Mediation

Making decisions during a divorce can be overwhelming and stressful. Even if you and your soon-to-be-ex are splitting up amicably, there are still bound to be some disagreements about how property is divided up, how much each parent should pay toward their child's expenses, and other matters that may come…
December 23, 2020