Child custody rights are one of the most critical types of cases involved in family law. Children are not able to make the difficult decision of which parent they should live with on their own. It is very important that you use a family law program that will have the best interest of your children in mind. Parents are understandably anxious about child custody issues. First, they are often afraid that they will not get custody of their child.

The good news is that in many cases, shared custody is possible. The legal system recognizes that it is almost always in the best interest of the child to have a relationship with each parent, so both parents are usually allowed to have visitation with their child. Sometimes a child will live primarily with one parent and visit the other regularly, while other times, a child will spend roughly equal amounts of time with each parent. We can help you determine what is best in your specific case.

Secondly, many people are worried about the cost of pursuing their child custody rights. Going to court on your own or hiring an inexperienced attorney can end up being extremely expensive. A household that is splitting up has enough financial obligations to worry about without the added stresses of being unprepared, not represented, or uneducated on the laws that affect your family.

Family Law Legal Group works with families just like yours on child custody rights. Parents almost invariably want what is in the best interest of their children, and we can help you achieve a child custody agreement that is fair for your child and for both parents. Best of all, by learning how the laws affect your case in particular, you can position yourself to win by setting in motion the most important elements that the judge will examine in a child custody case.

Instead of having to drag your children through tough custody battles in court, there are other options that are available to you. When it comes to child custody rights cases, you will want to see what Family Law Legal Group can do for you.  We have an extensive team of professionals that can assist parents in these decisions and help them to resolve any issues quickly. This is often the best way to handle a child custody case.

Common Issues in Complex Child Custody Cases

      • Parents are often times kept out of their children’s life by the other parent: You have the right to spend time with your child, and, even more importantly, your child has the right to spend time with you. We can help you by advocating for your legal rights.
      • Custody order violations: If your ex has been ordered to allow you visitation or custody at certain times and they are not complying, you may need professional help to file the motions necessary to get the courts to step in.
      • Out-of-state custody issues: Moving out of state does not mean that you need to give up custody of your child. It does, however, mean that a modification is likely necessary. We can work with you to help you find the solution that is best for your family.
      • Parents who are not able to be a part of important decisions in the child’s life: Joint legal custody means that you and your ex-spouse are both responsible for choosing schools, making medical decisions, and deciding which religious ceremonies, if any, should be observed. If you are being left out of these decisions after receiving joint legal custody, contact our team for help.
      • Emergency situations such as neglect, abandonment or malnutrition: An ex-spouse who is neglecting, abusing, abandoning, or otherwise mistreating your child is an emergency that we are prepared to help you handle. You may need help to file emergency motions so a judge will step in and keep your child safe.
      • Alcohol or drug abuse in the home: Alcoholism or alcohol misuse and drug use or abuse are serious issues that can affect any family. If you have concerns that your child’s other parent is involved in something like this, contact us right away.

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