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If you are going through a divorce or custody battle, you’re no doubt overwhelmed and stressed. The process of navigating the legal system, particularly when combined with the emotional trauma of the dissolution of marriage, can be quite daunting. You might also have financial concerns: If you’ve talked to any private attorneys, you know how expensive going that route can be.

The silver lining is that a legal resource group can help you make sense of the chaos you might be surrounded by. Also, this type of legal help is much less expensive than a private attorney. You don’t have to sacrifice quality while saving money. Here are some ways that a legal resource group like Family Law Legal Group can assist you with your case.

Preparation of Legal Documents and Paperwork

Any divorce comes with a lot of paperwork that must be completed accurately and filed promptly. Hiring a legal resource group means that you’ll have professionals on your side who have done this paperwork hundreds of times for other clients. They know how to fill out the documents, what needs to be included when it needs to be submitted and submit it properly. The best part is that this is their full-time job.

It’s understandable that you are stressed and might not focus on getting all of your documents together. Your legal advocates will have no problem working through whatever paperwork pertains to your case. They’ll help you compile the documents you need by coaching you through the process step by step. You won’t wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night, worried that you forgot to submit a required piece of paperwork; instead, you’ll rest well, knowing that your legal resource group has it under control.

Legal Support and Information

What should you do if your spouse is threatening to take the children to another state? What if you have been served and don’t know how you’ll afford your basic living expenses, let alone the divorce fees? How will you manage to juggle court with your work obligations and child care? All of these are questions that have plagued many people going through a divorce. If you haven’t been through it before, it’s perfectly normal for you to have questions just like this.

Your legal resource group has the information you need to make the best choices for you and your children as you go through the divorce process. They can give you moral support and point you in the right direction no matter your specific circumstances. They’ll let you know if you are in the type of situation to require a private attorney’s services. Still, most people who call and speak to a case manager find that a legal advocacy group is exactly what they need to navigate their divorce.

Referrals to Other Legal Professionals

An attorney is not the only type of professional who might be relevant to your divorce case. Many people find that they need parental evaluators, private investigators, a guardian ad litem, social workers, or psychologists to help them at various points of the process. Your legal resource group will refer you to these professionals if they do not already have them on staff. Of course, this is also to your case manager, attorneys, and the other legal professionals who work with you from day one.

Help With Court Appearances

Have you ever had to testify in court? If you are dealing with a divorce, chances are you won’t have to. Relatively few divorce or child custody cases actually go to trial. However, if yours does, or if you need to appear for a deposition or even a mediation, your legal advocacy group will be right behind you, helping you along the way.

If you are unsure of what to wear, how to present yourself, dye your blue hair back to blonde, or address the judge, you will have all the answers before your court date. Your legal aid professionals will help you decide on an outfit, tell you if there are any features about yourself or your personal style that you should consider toning down for court, and what to call the judge (always “Your Honor”).

Legal Resource Group Document Management

After your divorce has been settled or you’ve gone through court, you will be left with a lot of memories… and a lot of paperwork. While the memories are yours to keep, you might not want to bring all of your documents into your home. It’s time to start your new life and move on. Your legal resource group can help by storing all of your documents safely and securely. Chances are, you won’t need them again; if you do, however, you’ll know where they are.

Encouragement-Boosting Confidence and Performance

Perhaps one of the most important things a legal resource group can provide is a sense of accomplishment and a lot of encouragement. It’s hard to go through a divorce. Whether your marriage was amicable or the opposite of amicable, it’s still difficult to deal with all of the emotional, financial, and logistical baggage that accompanies a marriage’s dissolution. All of this can be amplified when children are involved.

The professionals at your legal resource group know this and know how to encourage you and keep you motivated and moving forward during your divorce process. Also, working with an advocacy group puts the ball in your court: You will be an active participant in your case. A lawyer won’t take over and leave you to guess what’s going to happen next. Instead, you’ll feel empowered to make the best decisions for your case because you’ll have a lot of information and support.

If you are going through a divorce and don’t want to or can’t hire an expensive private attorney, contact Family Law Legal Group. We will walk beside you as you go through this next chapter of your life, helping you along the way.

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