Being served with legal documents pertaining to divorce, child custody, or other family law issues can be frightening and stressful. Family Law Legal Group can help you effective plead your case in court with legal responses. It is important to remember that time is of the essence when served with a motion. Typically, the courts grant 20-30 days to file your legal responses, but this time frame may vary in certain circumstances.

Either way, you should give yourself ample time to consult with a legal professional and get the process started. Getting your legal responses and paperwork sorted out as early as possible will help you prepare for court. Family Law Legal Group can help in these time-sensitive situations.

We provide help with legal responses for a variety of family law cases including: divorce help, child visitation rights, child custody rights, father’s rights, general family law help, as well as any other family law assistance you may need.

What Should You Do If You Are Served?

It is important to submit your legal responses within the number of days allotted. If you ignore the documents, the case will go on without your input; it will not be held up or put aside. Remember that the documents are not a judgment against you; they are just what your spouse or ex-spouse is asking for. While in some cases it is possible to get an extension, it is in your best interest to respond within the timeframe specified (usually 20-30 days).

You will need to file an answer and you will likely need to fill out financial disclosure forms. If you disagree with the complaints brought up by your spouse, you can file a counterclaim. Be sure to file everything by the date on the documents. You will also need to make sure that your spouse receives a copy of the documents. You can have them delivered or send them through the mail if allowed in your county (certified mail return receipt requested – that’s the green card at the post office – is usually the best method if using the mail).

Sending the papers return-receipt is a way you can keep proof that they have received them, if you anticipate that being a problem later. At Family Law Legal Group, we understand how difficult it can be to keep your emotions in check and deal with the reality of being served. Whether it is a surprise, or you were expecting to receive legal documents, it is often a stressful time filled with a lot of emotions.

Legal Responses We Can Help With

Divorces With Children

Children can complicate divorce proceedings. Do you have a parenting plan? What school should your child go to? What doctor should they see? These questions and more are brought up when a divorce case includes children.

Child Custody Disagreements

If you have children, they are your main priority when it comes to your divorce. Whether you are suing your spouse for custody or they have served you with papers asking for custody, we can help you with your legal response. One mistake some parents make is assuming that their spouse will get custody, so they don’t pursue it themselves. It is not only your right, but your child’s right as well, to continue a relationship and to have visitation with both parents in almost all cases.

Child Support Issues

It is not always the father who pays child support to the mother. In some cases, there is no child support awarded, and in others, the mother pays in to the father. It is important to respond correctly when served or else the case might decided without your input and you could end up paying more child support than you should.

Divorces With One Unemployed Spouse

If you or your spouse stayed home to care for the children, there might be alimony payments to work out. Family Law Legal Group can help you file the paperwork and responses you need to in order to work out a fair settlement for all parties.

Divorces With Domestic Violence or Addiction

In some cases, marital or child abuse or drug addiction can lead to differences in how child custody is handled. If you are in this situation, contact us right away. We can help you with your legal responses and assist you in keeping yourself and your child safe while allowing a relationship to form and grow with both parents, if possible.

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