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Our goal is to provide information and connect you with a legal professional to ensure that your children’s right to a stable, healthy relationship with both parents is protected. Even if you haven’t seen your child for a long time, your child lives in a different state, or you suspect your ex-spouse is not providing a healthy environment, we can assist you and your right to parent.

Many fathers are surprised to hear that they have equal standing before the law. They are entitled to a say in their children’s education, religious upbringing, and medical treatment. Fathers can become a child’s primary custodial parent, file for a modification of custody or visitation and in some cases, even collect child support. Don’t surrender your right to parent your child.

It’s important for both children’s parents to have active participation in their children’s lives. We also advocate for grandparent visitations. We can help you prepare to establish, modify, or enforce visitation rights.

We help guide you through the complex and emotionally difficult process of divorce, both contested and non-contested.

The emotional turmoil that accompanies being served with a family law motion involving your marriage and children can leave you feeling alone, frightened, and overwhelmed. Our professionals are ready to assist you with divorce proceedings, disagreements concerning your children, and even your spouse’s abuse or addiction. Count on us to navigate the legal side of these issues while you come to terms with this new chapter in your life.

If you find yourself  in a position where you need to become a legal guardian of a child, biological or non biological, Family Law Legal Group can help you obtain legal guardianship of that minor.

If you find yourself  in a position where you need to become legally responsible for the care of someone who is unable to manage their own affairs, Family Law Legal Group can help you obtain physical and / or financial conservatorship and / or adult guardianship of the adult in need. We understand there this is a big responsibility and contains many factors. We will stand by you and help your through the process of setting up a conservatorship for your loved ones.

We offer personal evaluations with qualified legal professionals who can work with you in all aspects of divorce, child custody, visitation, parenting schedules, guardianships, conservatorships, and proof that you are a stable and qualified parent though our Parent Evaluation Program. Even if your divorce or custody disputes have been settled, we can assist your family in reinforcing healthy relationships by filing for modifications as circumstances change.

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